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Former FBI Criminal Profiler, Hostage Negotiator, and TV, Radio, and Print Media Crime Analyst

Clint Van Zandt, a former US Army Counter-Intelligence Agent and a Vietnam War veteran, retired from the FBI in 1995 after 25 years of service, ending his career as the FBI's Chief Hostage Negotiator and a Supervisor in the Bureau's Behavioral Science or better known "Silence of the Lambs Unit." He has traveled the world in response to international hostage situations and has provided criminally oriented psychological profiles to law enforcement agencies and corporations across the globe.

Clint was the U.S. Government's chief hostage negotiator during the 1987 siege at the Oakdale, La., Federal Correctional Facility; the 1987 siege at the Atlanta, Ga., Federal Prison; the 1991 prison riot at Talladega, Ala., and the fateful 1993 siege at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, where he personally negotiated with cult leader David Korish and predicted his final actions. He has provided on-site coordination for the negotiation efforts that have brought about the release of U.S. citizens held by South American and Pilipino guerrillas in the jungles of those regions as well as other parts of the world.

After leaving the FBI, he started Van Zandt Associates, Inc., which provides behaviorally-oriented crisis management, threat assessment and forensic consulting services to law firms and the corporate security world. It was after leaving the Bureau that he was acknowledged as the leader of the analytical team that assisted David Kaczynski in identifying his brother "Ted" as the infamous "Unabomber," bringing to an end the longest, the most extensive, and the most expensive law investigation in US history to that time. He is also credited with correctly profiling Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on the very day of that fateful bombing.

Clint is a well-known national and international television and radio guest and commentator on various issues concerning criminal justice matters. He is currently an NBC/MSNBC TV news analyst who has appeared on over 3,000 television shows such as Meet the Press, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, Dateline, Niteline, The Today Show, 48 Hours, Fox TV News, PBS – The News Hour, Anderson Cooper-360, Wolf Blitzer Reports, NBC Evening News, The View, The O'Riley Factor, America's Most Wanted, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, The British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Al Jazeera TV, and many appearances on Larry King Live, as well as other similar television and radio appearances on criminal investigation oriented topics. He has published dozens of professional articles and his newest book is entitled "Facing down Evil."

He has also served as a consultant for movies and various television series while his life and career have been profiled in The New Yorker Magazine and other publications, to include a Court TV special about his life, appropriately entitled "The Negotiator." Clint received his undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University and his masters and doctorate degrees from the State University of New York.

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